As a homeowner, any plumbing problem is cause for concern. Whether you’re dealing with something as small as a leak or as large as a water heater breakdown, knowing an emergency plumber is available to help provides you with peace of mind. But what is considered a plumbing emergency? And, until your plumber arrives, what steps should you take to reduce the risk of water damage or worse?

What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency is any damage sustained by your plumbing system that risks harming your health or property. Something like a leaking tap would not be considered a plumbing emergency, but other types of water leaks, like a burst pipe, would. Think of it this way: can the problem wait to be fixed tomorrow? If not, you’ve got a plumbing emergency on your hands. 

5 Types of Plumbing Emergencies

Are you wondering exactly what is considered to be a plumbing emergency? We cover some of the most common plumbing emergencies below.

Frozen Pipes

Here in Rochester and the surrounding areas, frozen pipes are a common occurrence once the winter chill sets in. Even though most plumbing systems are well equipped to handle freezing temperatures, you might find the insulation on your pipes is lacking, or the outdoor weather is simply too cold. If this is the case, don’t panic! Start by calling a plumber and, in the meantime, turn on your taps to relieve any pressure built up within the pipes. If you’re able to locate the frozen pipe, you can also try applying heat (such as with a hairdryer) to avoid a burst.


Burst Pipe or Water Leak

Whether you weren’t able to catch a frozen pipe on time or you have a leak that has escalated, a burst pipe is one type of plumbing emergency that you should take care of as soon as possible. 

A burst water line will gush water out at an alarming rate and, if not repaired in time, cause catastrophic damage to your home. If you suspect a burst pipe in your home, contact your local plumbing company immediately. 

Some signs of burst pipes include: 

A leak coming from the water supply lines is not the only type of plumbing emergency you should be worried about. If your water heater starts leaking, call an emergency plumber immediately, as this could lead to a complete breakdown of the unit.

Water Heater Breakdown

Living in a home with no hot water is a nightmare. It not only impacts your personal hygiene and chores but also makes for an unpleasant living situation. If you ever find yourself without hot water, request an emergency plumbing service immediately. The sooner we can diagnose the problem and provide a suitable solution, the better off you and your family will be. 

Clogged Drains

You’ve dealt with a clogged drain before—probably more than once, even. So you might be thinking to yourself right now, “Is a clogged drain really considered a plumbing emergency?”

Nine out of ten times, the answer is no. A slow or backed-up drain usually doesn’t require repair outside of normal business hours. However, if you have a blockage that results in an overflowing toilet or flooding, you should pick up the phone and dial the number of an emergency plumber as soon as possible. 

Sewer Problems

Your sewer line can handle a lot, but every once in a while, it comes across something (like tree root intrusion) that requires professional intervention. This is especially true if you don’t schedule regular sewer cleanings. 

A clogged sewer line is one type of plumbing emergency that shouldn’t be neglected any longer than necessary. Otherwise, you might deal with some nasty odors and back-ups at home.

AP Plumbing Handles All Types of Plumbing Emergencies With Ease

Not sure what is considered a plumbing emergency? Don’t be afraid to give us a call and ask! Our team of emergency plumbers is available 24/7 in Rochester and surrounding areas, and we’ll be happy to help you fix all types of plumbing emergencies, from clogged toilets to water heater leaks. 

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