Your kitchen is the heart of your home—and a hub of activity from morning until night. Through it all, your sink drains are hard at work keeping everything running smoothly in the kitchen. But if you were to look down the drain, do you know what you would find? A collection of food debris and grease build-up.

No matter how diligent you are about disposing of food waste correctly and how often you clean sink drains, somehow, you still find yourself battling stubborn clogs. This is pretty common, but frequent cleanings can help you avoid the frustration that comes with slow drains. 

Learn how often drains should be cleaned, as well as the best cleaning methods, right here!

Weekly Cleaning

You clean certain parts of your home each week—why not your drains too? When you think about all the food and grease your kitchen sink sees on a daily basis, it makes sense that drains should be cleaned as often as once a week. In fact, we implore you to add DIY drain cleaning to your weekly chore list right now. 

Thankfully, cleaning your kitchen sink doesn’t take much time or effort. The next time you wash the dishes, spend an extra 10-15 minutes flushing the drain afterward. All you have to do is follow our top 5 best drain cleaning methods, and you can enjoy free-flowing kitchen drains in your home!

Monthly Cleaning

The best way to avoid a clogged drain is to prevent it. Every month, use an enzyme drain cleaner to help break down any food particles or fats, oils, and grease (FOG) found in your pipes. 

Unlike chemical drain cleaners, which contain lye and can damage your plumbing beyond repair, enzyme drain cleaners use bacteria that are activated in the presence of organic matter. This bacteria produces enzymes that eat through food, hair, mold, and more. 

Enzyme drain cleaners are an excellent way to keep your drains running smoothly and can be used in all your home drains, including bathroom sinks. Remember that this is a preventative measure—not a magic fix for a severely clogged drain.

Annual Cleaning

The best thing you can do for your drains is to schedule an annual cleaning with a plumber. No matter how often you clean sink drains by yourself, nothing can replace a professional service.

Using video inspection cameras and hydro-water jetting technology, a plumber will inspect your drains and blast away any debris that can turn into a blockage down the road.

It’s a good idea to schedule an annual drain cleaning even if you don’t suspect there’s something wrong with your plumbing. Sometimes, clogs can hide deep in your sewer lines and won’t become evident until the unthinkable happens. 

If you’re really meticulous about how often you clean sink drains, you may only need to schedule a professional drain cleaning every two years. 

Prevent Clogs With AP Plumbing!

Now that you know how often drains should be cleaned, it’s time to put your new knowledge to use. Get to work on creating a weekly, monthly, and annual drain cleaning schedule—and book an appointment with a professional if you haven’t already. 

As Syracuse’s most trusted plumber, AP Plumbing is here to handle all your plumbing needs. From drain cleaning to emergency plumbing services, no job is too big or small for us to handle. Call us or schedule an online service today!

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