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5 DIY Plumbing Projects You Can Do At Home

What better way to connect with your home than through a few plumbing projects? For many homeowners, being a DIY aficionado is built into your blood. Fortunately, there are plenty of home improvement plumbing projects available for you to do that can quench your thirst and improve your home’s plumbing systems as well.

Not all homeowners are DIY go-getters, but it’s still a good idea to know a few projects that help you in a pinch. While it’s never wrong to turn to professional plumbers for your biggest issues, it’s still vital that you know a few DIY plumbing projects that you can do at home—regardless of your experience level. 

Snake a Clogged Drain

Odds are you’ve probably already come across a clogged drain in your home. Drain cleaning is usually quick and easy—provided you don’t need emergency drain cleaning—and it all starts with the removal of your p-trap. Place a bucket under the p-trap to collect water, and unscrew it using your hands. 

Once your p-trap is removed, continue your home improvement plumbing project by inserting and extending the cable of your snake into the drain hole. Once you snag the obstruction, retract the cable and clean off the gunk. Insert the snake a few more times to clean the pipe, and then reattach the p-trap to test if your drain is fully cleared.

Check for a Running Toilet

A running toilet is annoying for homeowners but makes for an easy DIY plumbing project you can do at home. You can perform a simple dye test to see if your toilet is leaking. 

Pour a few drops of food coloring into the tank and wait 20-25 minutes. Do not use your toilet during this time! Then, check the bowl—if the water is colored, you have a leak. In most cases, the flapper is worn out and needs to be replaced. 

An old flapper is not hard to replace if you’re comfortable with turning off your water supply and taking a trip to the hardware store for tools and supplies. Otherwise, leave this repair to the pros!

Replace a Shower Head

One of the easiest home plumbing projects to do is to replace a faulty showerhead. A broken shower head can lead to low or inconsistent water pressure. Start on a level and dry part of your tub or shower, and twist your showerhead counterclockwise until it slips out. 

Your new showerhead should include Teflon tape to help seal the showerhead during the replacement process. Wrap the tape clockwise along the shower arm threads. Screw on the shower head facing downwards to ensure that you don’t cross-thread and ruin the tape seal. Then, just bask in the glory of your completed DIY project.

Caulk a Bathtub

Another simple and easy DIY plumbing project you can do at home is caulking a bathtub. This is good to control mold and mildew built-up from the constant showers you and your family take. 

Start by using a razor blade to remove the old dirty caulk from the bathtub. Make sure you remove all of the caulking from the tub, as any leftovers would affect the ability of the new caulking to stick. Take a non-abrasive pad and scrub away at the area to ensure the residue is completely gone.

Grab blue painter’s tape, and cover off the walls on either side of the area you’re going to caulk off in your bathtub. Point your caulk gun at a 45-degree angle and slowly apply trigger pressure to release the caulk. Keep moving at a steady speed until your entire bathtub is caulked off. Finish off your project by taking a wet paper towel and pulling across the joint to smoothen the fresh caulk. Remove your tape and let it dry for about 30 minutes.

Replace a Garbage Disposal

Old garbage disposals will often clog and be ineffective at removing the food you want to dispose of. Start by turning off the electricity in your kitchen and disconnecting any wires connected to your garbage disposer. Remove the p-trap (which we discussed earlier) and remove the drain line from your dishwasher to the disposal. Press on the mounting collar to release the disposal from its drain basket. 

Your new unit will likely come with a new mounting bracket and require you to gain an airtight seal with plumber’s putty. Install the new unit following your installation instructions, and finish up your home plumbing project by turning on the electricity to your kitchen and testing out your brand new disposal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Turn To Plumbing Professionals for Your Plumbing Issues

If your DIY plumbing projects at home aren’t going too well, you might have missed a few steps or have a significant plumbing problem at hand. Never fear, as the experts at AP Plumbing are licensed plumbers in Syracuse, NY, that are one call away for residents who need help with their plumbing issues. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for help with completing your home plumbing projects.

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