Common Symptoms of Slab Leaks

Cracks in concrete filled with water due to slab leak underneath Toronto, ON home.

Your home is a haven, and you don’t want anything to damage it — least of all, a faulty plumbing system. Although everything might seem like it’s alright with your plumbing, when was the last time you checked for slab leaks? These leaks have a way of hiding right under your nose while causing an […]

How to Detect a Water Leak Inside a Wall

A man and woman taking a picture of a water spot.

One great advantage of plumbing systems is that they work covertly behind the scenes, providing us with water and removing waste whenever necessary. However, the stealth of these pipes and fixtures can also have its drawbacks. Sometimes, leaks can end up going undetected — causing significant damage to our homes along the way. Do you […]