What Is Ghost Flushing?

A close-up of a toilet bowl in the middle of flushing.

If you’ve heard your toilet flushing on its own in the middle of the night or when no one else is around, you might think you’re being tormented by a ghost. The good news is that your house probably isn’t haunted. The bad news, however, is that you’re likely dealing with a plumbing problem that […]

5 Top Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumber

The plumbing system in your house is a complex network of pipes, fixtures, and appliances. If something goes wrong, it’s important to ensure that your plumbing services are in the best hands possible. So, how do you choose which plumbing company to work with? When it comes down to it, there are several factors you […]

Everything You Should Know About Backflow Prevention

A backflow preventation device that is red.

As a homeowner, you want your family to feel safe and secure at all times. When it comes to your plumbing system, however, it’s easy to forget that some issues can lead to harmful water contamination — such as backflow. Fortunately, backflow prevention devices allow us to avoid the dangers of backflow and protect our […]

Common Symptoms of Slab Leaks

Cracks in concrete filled with water due to slab leak underneath Toronto, ON home.

Your home is a haven, and you don’t want anything to damage it — least of all, a faulty plumbing system. Although everything might seem like it’s alright with your plumbing, when was the last time you checked for slab leaks? These leaks have a way of hiding right under your nose while causing an […]

How to Detect a Water Leak Inside a Wall

A man and woman taking a picture of a water spot.

One great advantage of plumbing systems is that they work covertly behind the scenes, providing us with water and removing waste whenever necessary. However, the stealth of these pipes and fixtures can also have its drawbacks. Sometimes, leaks can end up going undetected — causing significant damage to our homes along the way. Do you […]

Why Is My Sump Pump Running Without Rain?

A sump pump in a residential basement.

When thunder, lighting, and heavy rains rattle your home, you can rest assured knowing that the sump pump in your basement or crawlspace will keep your home dry. However, you may start to worry if your sump pump is constantly running — especially when there’s no rain in sight. Is it normal for a sump […]

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

A water heater leaking in a Syracuse, NY, home.

Water heater leaks should never be ignored. Although the problem may start small, leaks of any kind can quickly lead to countless other issues — including costly water damage. If you want to know why your water heater is leaking, it’s important to know that there are several potential reasons this problem can occur. Old […]

5 Tips on How to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Woman using plunger to unclog blocked kitchen sink.

Although it may seem simple on the surface, the plumbing system in your home is vast and complex. From faucets and toilets to the sewer lines running beneath your house, there’s a lot to keep an eye on — and a lot that can go wrong if you’re not careful. Fortunately, you can take steps […]

What Is a Hydro Jet Cleaning?

A sink that needs hydro jet cleaning services in a Syracuse, NY home.

When you encounter a slow-moving drain in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s easy to sigh and reach for a chemical drain cleaner. However, these store-bought cleaners are rarely the best solution and can harm your pipes. A slow drain in one room can be a ‘heads up’ to a larger clog in the home’s main […]

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Water Pressure Low?

A woman cleaning dishes in a Rochester, NY home.

Have you turned on your kitchen faucet only to find a slow drip of water? This problem can appear seemingly out of nowhere, throwing your early morning routine or late-night meal prep session off course. When you have low kitchen faucet water pressure, it can be challenging to thoroughly clean your dishes — which is […]