You take pride in making your home look good both inside and out. So, when you discover that you need a drain excavation, you might be reluctant or even adamant against allowing a plumber to dig around your yard. 

Here, we’ll discuss what a drain or plumbing excavation is and when it’s absolutely necessary for your plumbing to function properly. 

What Is a Drain Excavation?

Excavation is a drain repair and replacement process that requires digging trenches on your property to gain access to the underground sewer lines. You might also hear plumbers refer to this method as “trenching.” 

Drain excavation is the conventional approach to pipe repairs and has largely become outdated now that many plumbers have access to trenchless technology. However, there are certain situations where drain excavation is the only option. 

When Do You Need Drain Excavation?

No one wants to see their beautiful yard destroyed by underground plumbing repairs. Plumbing trenches are an eyesore—we won’t deny it—but, sometimes, they’re a necessary evil. 

You may need a drain excavation if your:

Let’s dive into each cause a bit deeper. 

Existing Pipe Material

Generally speaking, most drainage systems and main water lines are made from metal, plastic, or concrete. These materials are prone to corrosion and, over time, can cause your plumbing to fail. If the existing pipe material is too damaged to support trenchless repairs, excavation is the only route left.

Soil Conditions in Your Yard

Believe it or not, your soil plays a major role in your plumbing system’s health. Poor soil conditions can lead to shifting in the sewer and water lines. If pipes develop cracks or, worse yet, collapse, you’ll need to find a plumbing contractor who is skilled at trenching.

Tree Root Intrusion

The most common reason homeowners require plumbing excavation services is because of tree root intrusion. 

Large trees on your property require water and nutrients to grow—and where better to find these life-sustaining elements than sewer or septic systems? Tree roots are strong enough to break through pipe materials and cause a stubborn blockage. Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate tree roots is through excavation. 

Severity of the Blockage

A reputable plumbing contractor will try everything in their power to remove a nasty clog through traditional drain cleaning or trenchless sewer services. But, sometimes, that’s simply not enough. If you have a severe blockage nestled in old pipes, a plumbing excavation may be the only solution left. 

How Does Drain Excavation Work?

The plumbing excavation process has various steps that need to be taken before the actual digging begins. First and foremost, we must perform a site assessment. Sewer lines are almost always located near other underground utility lines, and we must carefully plan where to dig so that nothing is damaged in the process. We wouldn’t want you to lose water or electricity while your plumbing is already out of commission! 

Then, we must map out and take all the necessary safety precautions to keep our workers safe on the job. Plumbing excavation can be dangerous work without proper security measures in place. Luckily, AP Plumbing is licensed and bonded for your peace of mind. 

Finally, we can begin digging! This is where our plumbers use their expertise to determine whether manual digging versus mini-excavators are the best option for your particular situation. We want to make quick work of your service, so you’re not left without water or drainage longer than necessary. 

Choose AP Plumbing for Top-Notch Drain Excavations

At AP Plumbing, customer service is our top priority. Whether you need a simple drain cleaning or a comprehensive drain excavation in Rochester, NY, there’s no one you can trust more than our team! Contact us today!

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